One stop shop tailored solution
WIN Platform

Enables you to manage your devices out in the market throughout their life cycle in one single platform.

Device Analytics

Monitors, manages and gathers relevant data of your devices over the internet. Succeed and maximize your revenue by spotting opportunities to grow your global audience with real-time analysis.

  • Obtain full access to real-time data like real-time market activations, consolidated data in one place, analyze app installation and/or removal rate.
  • Discover usage trends and behavioral patterns like what your clients like and dislike, how your device is being used, performance and app performance all in one.
  • Spot growing opportunities by identifying where you should make valuable partnerships, where you should focus your sales force, which are your best devices and stand out to maximize your revenue stream.


A dynamic preload platform that will allow you to save time to market and cut traditional preload processes by launching Apps to active devices.

  • Do not have to wait 10 months to install new software on your devices.
  • Promote your own products, select from your own array of apps and have them ready to launch with one click with added security authorizations every step of the way.
  • Organize and Segment your devices by delivering the right app to the right person creating personalized app campaigns according to the most trending apps and categories and monetize successfully from the segments of your choice like age, gender, hobbies, and much more.


Keep mobile devices relevant by sending the latest firmware updates and security patches over the air to devices already in the market.

  • Out in the market update provides your company the opportunity to boost your device and sent total or partial updates over the carrier network like upgrading your entire operating system, sending timely security updates, fix bugs and add features.
  • Obtain complete control of the update process all from our platform and avoid the heavy lifting of maintenance, cut the middle man out and don’t waste time waiting to launch your update and beat the time to market.

  • Provide an extended service commitment by providing hassle free customer service and ensure your firmware quality.

Engagement Portal

Win over your clients with your own personalized portal. Promote trending Apps, latest events, information and much more through a customized media channel and generate additional revenue all in one.


  • Connect and guide your customers and reduce your tech support cost by providing a custom built ready to use guide directly from your device and create step by step guides on how to make the best use and fix any problem with their device.
  • Get your customers to know your company by providing your own newsfeed with the latest news and information about events to make your end users engage more with your brand.


The service that allows you to remotely lock or unlock your device out in the market.

Security Supervisor

The service that allows you to monitor the device’s activity and allow you to take steps to increase the protection of your devices.